Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Brainchild of Sam Burns

I started "The Underground Soul Solution" in March 1991 because I was disgusted with the club scene in Washington DC. I felt that most nightclubs were very superfical.....dress code, ladies nights, commerical radio music, fights and bogus promoters! I felt that these nightspots lacked vision and responsiblity to making their parties different and special from the other parties......

No Love, No Respect in a nightclub?

I find that disgusting!

Instead of complaining, I became independent. I threw my own parties. I invited and Challenged
people from all walks of life......Young, Old, Gay, Straight, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian etc. to dance their troubles away through music. I been spinning records in Nightclubs since November 20th 1978,

So, "House Music" to me is "Disco's Revenge"

Check out this website for the history of "House Music".... Past and Present!